Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'Poison or Cure? Religious Belief in the Modern World' - Christopher Hitchens debates Alister McGrath

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Mike S said...

I watched the entire video and was quite taken by the contrast between these two men. Mr. McGrath was very respectful of Mr. Hitchins beliefs, his tone and his body language communicated respect and also displayed a very peaceful demeaner. Yet Mr. Hitchins displayed dripping sarcasm, anger and an obvious disdain for anyone having beliefs about the mere existence of God. His body language was very defiant and he purposely made jabs at the believer's intelligence. I was particularly revolted by his choice of a "joke" about an Amish girl just after McGrath had described the Amish town's loving response to the man who had killed 5 Amish girls. It is quite obvious that Mr. Hitchins' survival of the fittest mentality has certainly "evolved" into an angry and self aggrandizing philosophy. Sad, very sad for him. He will be glad to know however, that although there is a God (whether he believes it or not), he will certainly not drag him into Heaven to force him to live in his presence for all of eternity. He will allow him the satisfaction of having nothing to do with Him.

Critical Thinking said...

Hello Mike S,

Yes, the contrasts are striking: Hitchens addresses the subject directly and mordantly, while McGrath's modus operandi is unctuous obfuscation. Would you care to refute some of Hitchens's arguments, or just quibble over tact? This was a debate, remember, and 'defiance' is integral--each side 'defies' the other to make a persuasive argument.

In your penultimate sentence, you assert that there is a god. Considering the semblance of profundity in that claim, would you provide substantiation, or at least try to make your case?